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Confession Time: What your Intimate Waxer is really thinking

You do not wax Intimate areas in the same way that you would wax, say, a leg.  You have to consider much more than just applying the wax and whipping it off:  loose skin, counter pressure, hidden hairs, even menstrual blood, which ladies, I can still wax you when you are on a period, I can work around it but you may be more sensitive when you’re on your period.

So, you’re laid bare on my table, legs apart and you’re going to feel much more vulnerable than someone simply baring their legs for a wax. This only last for a short time and before you know it, I have clients sharing personal and delicate information with me… So whilst I’m fiddling about with your bits and you’re half naked – That’s when the barriers come down and my clients begin to share information.  I’ve often wondered why people tell complete strangers their life stories, I’ve done it myself and still find myself doing it.  You trust people not to judge you morally or physically…  That’s when you know you are in the hands of someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

I learn such much about people while I’m waxing. Most clients like to chat.  Everything that is said in my Waxing Studio stays with me and me only.  I love the fact that my clients feel comfortable with me and see their visits with me as letting off steam.

Nothing shocks me when it comes to Male and Female Intimate Waxing . I get clients getting undressed apologising for what their intimate areas look like.  I hear comments like…

“It looks like road kill down there”,                           “ my children ruined me when giving birth”,

“I’m like a yeti, you’ll be ages down there”,           “my bits hang out all over the place”

Guess what…. I never look at an area in that much detail… I am too busy focusing on things like the thickness of hair, the direction of hair growth, I’m thinking about the best way to wax you to ensure a quick, painless and smooth wax.   Once a client leaves the room, I couldn’t tell you what your bit’s looked like.  I see all types of clients, male and female, and every single one of you are different in your own way.  Life would be boring if we all looked the same.

Clients always seem embarrassed if they are on their periods , ladies, it’s fine, put a tampon in,  I’ll  just simple work around the string and get on with it. I cleanse and clean my whole area after every single client, this includes everything I have touch whilst waxing you, fresh gloves, I use disposable bed clothes for every clients and I NEVER DOUBLE DIP,  a brand new spatula  is used every time I go back to the pot

People can pass wind on the table, this happens a lot and I’ve had many laughs with clients when it happens, we just giggle, have a laugh about it and carry on. Everyone worries about it and what  you guys do is clench furiously to stop yourselves doing it.  This stops me getting to bits I need to get to at times. It’s not abnormal and it can happen when I’m waxing that area so don’t worry and if it happens it happens.

My clients range from 18 right through to 65.   The younger clients from 18-40’ish tend to go for the Hollywood (every single hair gone) or the Brazilian (small triangle or landing strip) and the older clients may go for more of a G String or Basic Bikini Wax. It’s personal choice at the end of the day.

I have some new clients waxing for the first time because of a holiday coming up, a wedding, they’ve had a bad wax experience in the earlier days and it’s put them off for life. They want to try it because their friends are doing it.  I am happy to say that all these people are now regular clients because I take my time to explain about the benefits of waxing, how it will help to reduce hair growth.  I’ve had clients that I’ve referred and advised to try laser hair removal instead of waxing due to them having PCOS or abnormal hair growth.  If I feel waxing has no benefit for you, I’m certainly not going to keep on taking your money for you to see no benefit.

So to finish off… I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world.

I love meeting new people everyday,

I love having a catch up with my regular clients and listening to what they have been up to.

I love that clients leave my room feeling lighter, in more ways than one.

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