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Waxing Faq


Exfoliating and moisturising the area before your appointment will benefit you and ensure better results. I can advise and recommend various before and after care products to ensure you get the best results from your wax and have these products in stock for you. I see many clients that all suffer from all different hair growth factors. from ingrown hairs, after years of shaving to hormonal and various skin conditions. Each one of you have individual needs and goals, if you feel you have any hair growth concerns or you would like to discuss further with me, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will happily guide you prior to your appointment.


Please shower before arrival of your appointment. If you are coming straight from work, not a problem, I am more than happy to provide fresh wipes for your convenience and comfort.

I adhere to a very strict policy when it comes to hygiene and keeping my studio clean at all time is important to me and should be important to you.

Woo Waxing Poilicy is very simple ...

  • No double dipping – Every time a spatula is dipped into the wax pot, and had contact with your skin, it’s then disposed of into the bin. You will not be getting a woolly wax at Woo waxing, rest assure that there will not be one single stray hair floating round in my pots.
  • Hands are Sanitised before & after every client.
  • Disposable gloves and disposable Bed Towels are replaced after every client.
  • Bed is thoroughly cleaned, and bins are emptied after every client and prior to you arriving.

Your hair should be NO SHORTER than a grain of rice.

Regular Waxers - If you wax on a regular basis, you should have at least 4 weeks hair growth from your last wax appointment.

Shavers/Razor Users - If you shave on a regular basis and don’t wax regular, please allow at least 3 weeks hair growth from your last shave.

It’s hard sometimes to bite the bullet and let it grow, I’ve been there, and I understand but please listen to me when I say the above advise it’s important. I want to give you the best results and ensure you walk out happy.


Everyone is different. In most cases, you will see minimal re-growth during the first 3 weeks, with a noticeable increase after that.

Regular waxing - Continued waxing encourages slower, sparser regrowth but it’s not permanent.

Shavers/Razor Users - Regular shavers will normally see the benefit after two or three waxes due to the hair being much more coarse and thicker. After that you’ll be as smooth as a baby’s bum.


If you're obsessed like me about maintaining that clean & smooth feeling, I recommend that you come in every 4 weeks. As highlighted above, depending on your waxing history, where you want waxing and your normal hair growth etc, everyone is different and will want to achieve different things. I have some clients that have some facial wax every 2 weeks due to how quickly the facial hair grows.

Re-growth is certainly reduced with regular waxing and you will find that over time you will be able to leave longer gaps between your appointments. I have various waxing schedules in place for different clients. It’s all about ensuring I meet your needs but most importantly, ensuring that I reduce the hair growth for you long term. These plans are discussed with you and planned over a 6-12-month period.

ALL I ASK…. is that you persevere, step away from the razor and don’t be tempted to pick up those tweezers either. Good things come to those who wait patiently and listen to advise from Woo Waxing.


You tell me… There is no right or wrong answer. It’s your personal preference. I’m not here to judge anyone, you will all have your personal reasons for waxing. I was a wax virgin until I reached my mid-thirties… I don’t know why I waited so long but I’ve never looked back, and I have ditched my razors for sure… But I still shave my legs from time to time... personal preference for me.

I see men and women from all walks of life and every single one of them have a different reason for being waxed.

“I hate my back hair” or “my partner prefers me waxed”, “I have to shave my underarms every other day due to shadows”, “I feel cleaner when I’m waxed” the list goes on.



I operate a strictly professional waxing service and nothing more. Inappropriate behaviour and language will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to leave.

Some of the areas will require the skin to be stretched whist applying and removing the wax.
For some clients, an involuntary erection can occur during treatment. This will subside as soon as I start waxing so don’t worry. Whilst this may be an embarrassing situation for you, I’ll ignore it and continue with my waxing service as normal and will be taking to you about every day topics to help you forget about the situation. If your conversation and behaviour are appropriate, then it’s fine and I will continue with your treatment.


Ladies, this is a strip from the waist down service. I don’t have disposable knickers for you to wear,
nor do I cover you with a towel. I have been trained to carry out my treatments as quickly and painless as I can.

Some areas will require the skin to be stretched whist applying and removing the wax. If you want the perfect wax treatment to remove every single hair. I need your knickers off.

Some of you ladies may feel embarrassed for the first minute or so, but I promise that will be all. I will do my best to make you feel comfortable throughout your treatment and remember I’ve seen it all before. There is nothing I haven’t seen. I am too busy concentrating on getting every hair removed and making sure your treatment is done to perfection.


Don’t have your waxing carried out if you’ve just been sunbathing or you’ve just had a sun-bed session, as your skin will be much too sensitive. Ensure you leave a few days between sun exposure and having your waxing treatment carried out, as your skin will be more likely to lift and will take much longer to heal.


Make sure you’re 100% honest with your therapist when you complete your pre-waxing consultation. The questions we ask are essential to ensure we wax you safely and we’re trying to ensure that we offer you the best outcome. If we identify some issues that could affect the waxing treatment or how your skin may react then it allows your therapist to arrange a patch test and to use the best suitable wax and products for your skin, or to discuss/review your best treatment options. Please disclose all relevant information during your consultation.


Planning is key to getting the best from your appointment. Make sure that you wear suitable clothing, for example you don’t want to wear tight skinny jeans after having your legs waxed, as this will cause too much friction and discomfort on freshly waxed skin. Try and avoid too many layers of clothing so that you can keep your skin cool and avoid sweating.


Almost everyone can be waxed but for those who fall into the below, I will need a letter from your GP before starting any treatment.

  • Any type of Diabeties
  • Epileptics
  • Haemophiliacs
  • Accutane – (A treatment for Acne – cream or oral medication). If you have used within the last 6 months. I will be unable to wax you as this thins the skin and can tear the skin during waxing.
  • Sunburn – If you have been in the sun, been on holiday or the sunbed and your skin is red raw, I will refuse treatment.
  • Infected Skin – I can work around most pimples and general skin tags, moles etc but will not wax you is you are suffering from an infected or irritated skin condition.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, we can discuss these when we have our initial consultation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on 07789 404384

and I will talk you through any concerns you may have.

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